Diana McKinnon

Artistic Textures


On this page you can view a range of work that has been commissioned for a variety of occassions.

Finding that 'special' gift by commissioning a piece of Art work makes your gift unique and personal.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, special places that hold memories, weddings provide wonderful opportunities to commission a personal, lasting memory.

An agreed photograph is usually the starting point for a discussion to consider size and cost.

Please do get in touch for more information where I can answer any enquiries you might have.

email me at diana@dmckinnon.co.uk

Seaside View

“From afar I see a seaside landscape, strong perspective and uplifting colours. From close, the textiles create depth with inventiveness and surprise, giving a glorious beauty to the creative scene of Joy’s special place. I am still stopping to look at it frequently to see new things.” Geoff

Porth Oer Whistling Sands

It's lovely to receive a picture of a special place or where you live.

This was made as a gift for a 60th Birthday present.

It depicts the Welsh Coast in spring.

Garden memories

"I met Diana by chance when I popped into The Sydenham Artist's Trail.

I admired her work and asked if she would use one of my photographs as a basis for a bespoke textile art picture.

She said she could and the rest is history.

I am over the moon with it."


Megan's magnolia blossom

An 8 year old's drawing created in textile.

The magnolia blossoms were painted and stitched, attached to turquoise silk and stretched over a canvas.

A proud addition to a new bedroom.

Why not have your child's early drawing made permanent as a wall hanging.

Blaze of Autumn Glory

An embroidery commissioned by the Embroiderer's Guild to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Capability Brown.

This work was exhibited in major exhibitions during 2017.

It shows a view across the Lake at Sheffield Park.

Autumn is always a spectacular time in the park, designed by Capability Brown.